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Custom Tire Cover Design your own


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Custom Spare Tire Cover instructions:

  • Click on design tool background to change the color. A fly out tool will appear below the design tool. The first item in the fly out tool is set to a default of light grey. Click the fill tool and a new fly out tool will appear with a color chart. Select desired color
  • Click on add image to add the image to your cover. Remember if the image seems pixelated or fuzzy in your design you may need the use a larger image or shrink your image down.  Please keep logos and lettering at least 2-3 inches from the edge of the cover. This will allow for sewing and will keep your image more centered.
  • Resize your image by clicking on the image and the bottom right corner will have arrows. Click, hold and drag the arrows to get the desired size.
  • Add text if needed. You can change the color in the same manner as changing the back ground as indicated above. The arch text tools does not work very well at this time, so any text that you wish to arch, do not include in the design. You can add notes on what text items you would like to add (indicate top or bottom), font and color when you go to check out. On the check out screen there is a box that reminds you that I need the tire size. You can also type notes about text or design issues that will process across to us with your order.

Enter your size now or send it later.
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Custom Tire Cover is produced for your exact tire size.

Want to design your own Custom Tire Cover? Just upload your design or logo and add text. We have artists/designers on staff that will proof your artwork and layout. You will then be provided with a design proof prior to production for your approval. Keep in mind that better quality the images (resolution) the clearer the print will be. If there is an issue with the artwork we will contact you to see if you have a “sharper” design or will try to find a similar image that will print well.

How do I find my tire size?

Are you asking yourself what size you need for your custom spare tire cover? Your size is printed on the side wall of your SPARE tire and can be found below the tire name brand. There is no need to measure. Please be sure to check the size on the spare tire, because sometimes the size on the spare tire is different than the size of the tires mounted on the vehicle. For example P255/75r17 or 30×9.50×15 or H78-14.

Provide us with your tire size.

You have 2 opportunities to include the spare tire size during your shopping experience:
1-In the middle of the custom spare tire cover detail screen is a SIZE field where you can enter your tire size.
2-When you check out there is a MEASUREMENTS field where you can enter your tire size. In addition, you can also include any special notes or comments in that field as well.

If you need additional help in finding your tire size just give us a call at 401-714-1381.

Special Instructions for Hard Shell Tire Covers

Special note for covers going over a hard shell. You will need to measure the widest point going across the diameter and the depth. In those instances please include the following in the size/comment fields as follows: “HARDSHELL MEASURES _____x_____”.

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