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Bear #1 Barbecue BBQ Grill Cover


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Why buy from us? ~ What makes us better?

~ All grill covers come with a one year warranty!

~ Our grill covers are made from rugged marine grade vinyl. Not The Cheap Stuff! Marine grade vinyl is the same stuff used to make boat seats!

~ All images are printed using top of the line UV resistant solvent inks that actually etch into the vinyl. This means the image will not flake off of the grill cover like air brushed or

painted grill covers. Our inks are rated up to five years!

~ We can make a grill cover for any size grill. We make each grill cover here in our shop to fit the size of the grill it is going on.

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Bear #1 barbecue BBQ grill Cover is customized for your tire size.

Are you asking yourself what size you need for your Bear #1 barbecue BBQ grill cover?  Most people don’t know what size grill they have, and that’s okay. There are 2 chances to enter your grill size. If you are not sure what size grill you have just skip it. You can come back and enter your grill size anytime at your convenience.

To measure your grill:

A-Lid width measurement from one edge to the other edge

B-Grill width measure the TOTAL length from one edge of the grill to the other edge

C-measure the height from the top of the grill to the ground

D-measure the depth of the grill from front to back

You have 2 opportunities to Bear #1 barbecue BBQ grill cover size:

1-On the detail screen is a SIZE field where you can enter your measurements.
2-When you check out there is a MEASUREMENTS field where you can enter your measurements. In addition, you can also include any special notes or comments in that field as well.

If you need additional help, just give us a call at 401-714-1381.

Early morning bears grill cover with momma bear and 2 cubs

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