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BBQ Grill/Smoker Covers

Grill cover are custom made for your gas BBQ grill or smoker cover. Each cover uses all weather material, adding to your year round enjoyment of the outdoors.


  • We manufacture all grill covers in Kentucky.
  • We use top of the line UV resistant Latex optimized scratch resistant inks.  As a result, these inks actually etch into the vinyl to print our images. This means the image will not flake off like air brushed or painted tire covers. For instance, our eco-friendly inks have up to a three year rating.
  • Furthermore, all products come with a one year guarantee

We can make Grill covers to custom fit charcoal grills, gas grills, smokers, kettle grills. No matter which brand you have (Kitchen Aide, Weber, Char-Broil, Green Egg, Kamado, Nex Grill, etc), we will make it according to your measurements.


We custom make each Grill cover according to your measurements. When you place your order just reply with the following measurements:
A-Lid width measurement from one edge to the other edge
B-Grill width measure the TOTAL length from one edge of the grill to the other edge
C-measure the height from the top of the grill to the ground
D-measure the depth of the grill from front to back
E-Lid Depth
Unfortunately, we are not responsible for fit; each cover is made independently depending on your measurements.


On every cover, you will receive a digital print made of scrim vinyl(slightly gloss) and black marine grade vinyl (matte material). The digital print will produce the vibrant image found on the front of the cover and the marine grade vinyl covers the tread area. All covers are printed using UV resistant ink. Additionally, heavy duty marine grade vinyl and outdoor thread comprise the sides and back.

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